Vetyverio – Eau de Parfum

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Vetyverio – Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Diptyque. The notes of this fragrance are Haitian vetiver, patchouli, grapefruit, Turkish rose

Vetyverio – Eau de Parfum
Vetyverio – Eau de Parfum


The elegant balance between the fresh and earthy as achieved in Vetyverio is brought to a new, more powerful level in this Eau de Parfum concentration. The legendary percentage of Haitian vetiver (ethically sourced, no less) at 25% is again present here, but with a dynamic new presence due to the increased concentration. We were blown away by the deeper, woodsier base notes that made the vetiver feel true-to-life, along with a boosted grapefruit opening that sings effervescently and highlights vetiver’s fresh, herbaceous quality. The result is an incredible ode to vetiver that is deeply naturalistic, and revels in its contrasts, both invigorating and grounding, with a bold new projection and sillage. And, it being Diptyque, there’s always a playful charm – in this case, a surprising note of rose, if you can catch it.

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Specification: Vetyverio – Eau de Parfum


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