Vetiverus Eau de parfum

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Vetiverus Eau de parfum is a fragrance by Oliver & Co.. The notes of this fragrance are Labdanum, styrax, vetiver, ambergris, osmanthus flower, orange peel, patchouly, musk, coriander seed, clove bud.

Vetiverus Eau de parfum
Vetiverus Eau de parfum


If you love the pure, smoky sexiness of vetiver the way we do, it can be frustrating to try fragrances that hide it behind other powerful ingredients in the name of?balance.?? Vetiverus most certainly does not have this problem. By selecting complementary notes that almost entirely accentuate and highlight the sweet earthiness of the namesake ingredient, Oliver & Co. have bucked tradition yet again with that rare vetiver fragrance that proudly refuses to apologize for being a vetiver.
In keeping with this philosophy, Vetiverus opens dramatically with an exquisitely deep and mysterious vetiver, at once smoky and velvety rich, reminiscent of Les Nez’s cult classic Turtle Vetiver Exercise 1. And rather than undercut that raw power, Vetiverus goes all in, with labdanum, leather, patchouli and clove serving to reinforce and extend the natural depth and warmth. A base of musk keeps everything standing upright, while the subtle sweetness of osmanthus flowers provides rich smoothness.
Plenty of great fragrances feature vetiver. But for the true vetiver enthusiast searching for an unapologetic, uncompromising showcase of the sublimely smoky, there is perhaps no substitute for Vetiverus.

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Specification: Vetiverus Eau de parfum


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