Vetiver Veritas Eau de Parfum

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Vetiver Veritas Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by HEELEY. The notes of this fragrance are Lavender, mint, Haitian vetiver, and grapefruit.

Vetiver Veritas Eau de Parfum
Vetiver Veritas Eau de Parfum


Vetiver Veritas is the first scent in James Heeley’s new collection of 100% Natural Eau de Parfum.Over a wild, majestic landscape ripened by a long summer’s sun, whispers of golden grass conceal an unexpected surprise. The formula contains over 90% of Haitian vetiver of exceptional quality, using a base of organic alcohol made from rye and lavender. Vetiver Veritas contains 100 % natural ingredients, of which 72% are from organic origin.Vetiver Veritas inverts the olfactory pyramid, whereby typical notes of dry grass and clean earth, firstly punctuated of notes of fresh mint, will surprisingly develop into a note of fresh grapefruit. Unlike many 100% natural fragrances, Vetiver Veritas fulfills its promise of a remarkable “sillage” and a long lasting scent.

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Specification: Vetiver Veritas Eau de Parfum


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