Tubereuse Absolue Eau de Parfum

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Tubereuse Absolue Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Perris Monte Carlo. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, cardamom, lavender, galbanum, tuberose, broom, jasmin sambac, gardenia, orange blossom, cedar, vetiver, musk

Tubereuse Absolue Eau de Parfum
Tubereuse Absolue Eau de Parfum


Tuberose, tuberose ? what can we say about the belle of the ball? When she enters, all eyes are on the sultry white flower in one fell swoop. With Tubéreuse Absolue, Perris Monte Carlo follows the flower to her origin, the Aztec civilization. There, she was called Oximochitl, or?bone flower, ?? for her long white blossoms and delicate waxy petals. Tubéreuse Absolue pays tribute to the grand dame and the lineage of perfumery inspired by her charms.
A fanfare of bright spices announces her arrival, with cardamom leading the way, and a glint of bergamot and lavender provide the spotlight. A grand tuberose, long white petals sweeping the floor, makes her radiant entrance, gracious yet coy. Her intoxicating aroma is a slow reveal here, and she keeps her indolic cards close to her chest. Handmaids jasmine and gardenia are by her side, but they know never to overshadow the star.
This is a most sophisticated tuberose, not green or minty, but clean, luminous and creamy, with enough woodsy richness to steal your heart. As her luscious white petals unfold, they impart an almost suede-like buttery texture, and a base of warm cedarwood shows just how deep her beauty goes. How could we resist?la belle dame sans merci?? ? the beautiful lady without mercy?

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Specification: Tubereuse Absolue Eau de Parfum


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