The Cora Eau de Parfum

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The Cora Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Thameen. The notes of this fragrance are Bulgarian Rose, jasmine, wisteria, magnolia, carnation, nutmeg, vanilla, lily of the valley, benzoin, patchouli, white musk, amber

The Cora Eau de Parfum
The Cora Eau de Parfum


The Cora Sun-Drop Diamond, discovered in 2010 in South Africa, is the largest yellow pear-shaped diamond in the world, weighing in at an astounding 110.3 carats. Distinguished by its gorgeously vivid yellow hue, the result of nitrogen trapped in the carbon molecules while it was forming billions of years ago, the diamond sold to an anonymous bidder for almost $11 million. While the otherworldly beauty of the Cora Sun-Drop is sadly no longer for sale, Thameen has given us the next best thing, a stunning floral amber that radiates both bright excitement and luxurious elegance.
The Cora opens with a sparkling flash of white jasmine and magnolia, shining against sweet wisteria and luscious yellow Bulgarian rose. Like the perfectly cut edge of a worthy stone, a precisely applied dash of nutmeg contrasts with a generous swoon of carnation and lily and a rich ribbon of creamy vanilla that swirls with resinous notes to make a delectable amber. Shining with dazzling brightness, suffused with profound beauty, The Cora is a gorgeously feminine scent for those with a taste for the finest in life.

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Specification: The Cora Eau de Parfum


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