Tabac Tabou Extrait de Parfum

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Tabac Tabou Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Parfum d’Empire. The notes of this fragrance are Immortelle, tobacco, narcissus, honey, grass, musk

Tabac Tabou Extrait de Parfum
Tabac Tabou Extrait de Parfum


Long before it was commodified and commercialized by Europeans, tobacco had a long history in the indigenous Americas as a sacred plant, smoked or burned for shamanic healing, purification and dream-vision rituals. This is the inspiration for Tabac Tabou, a tobacco perfume unlike any other, which strips away the preconceptions of cigarettes and cigars and Western indulgences and returns this holy crop to the natural domain from which it originally draws its great, mystical power.
In Tabac Tabou, the tobacco leaf arrives folded in whiffs of fresh hay and wild landscape, rich and utterly untamed. A green, fresh narcissus meets white flowers, rough-hewn leather and compellingly fur-like animalic notes. Sweet, honeyed immortelle supports the main ingredient’s natural sweetness, while unannounced secret ingredients lend incredible depths of earthy yet delicate nuance, confirming our feeling that this isn’t so much a standard fragrance as it is a direct pipeline to a mystical world that used to be.
Featuring a high quantity of extremely rare and precious materials, Tabac Tabou is now part of Parfum d’Empire’s permanent collection, but the fragrance will be produced each year in restricted quantities, with the label indicating the vintage.

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