T. Habanero Eau de Parfum

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T. Habanero Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Rania J.. The notes of this fragrance are Pink pepper, black pepper, cardamom, black tobacco, sandalwood, agarwood, incense, myrrh, leather

T. Habanero Eau de Parfum
T. Habanero Eau de Parfum


T. Habanero stuns with its unique portrayal of what happens when a fruity, stinky Cambodi oud meets a dark, nutty tobacco leaf. Imagine a thick stew of chocolatey spices fermenting in an oak barrel, and a man pouring in handfuls of dry tobacco leaves and oud wood chips, dark with resin. After a long soak, the drenched woods and tobacco leaves are spread out to bake under a hot sun, releasing a host of fruited, dark, fermented aromas. One doesn’t know where the oud begins and the tobacco ends.
The genius of this scent is that the perfumer knows how to pull all the chaotic, disparate elements of the scent into one harmonious whole, using a smooth, earthy myrrh to link the fungal dampness of the oud to the creamy sweetness of the tobacco leaf. What could have easily been a rough cacophony turns out to be a suave and sophisticated tobacco fragrance. A real tour de force.

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