Sombre Negra Eau de Parfum

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Sombre Negra Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by YOSH. The notes of this fragrance are Vetiver, patchouli, cedar, olibanum, pink pepperberry and black peppercorn, clove, juniper, citrus, nutmeg, cumin, tonka and orris root

Sombre Negra Eau de Parfum
Sombre Negra Eau de Parfum


Sombre Negra, or black shadow, is the debut scent in the new?M?? Series by San Francisco perfumer, Yosh Han. Highly sought after for her exclusive custom fragrances, Han says,?The?M?? series is a departure from the ethereal quality of my previous collections and explores fragrances that evoke our deepest nature.??
Sombre Negra is a double agent. Intelligent, beguiling, captivating. The man who wears Sombre Negra is not what he seems. He is elegant and forbidden. His presence is undeniable but he can vanish without a trace. The woman who wears Sombre Negra is a smoldering beauty. Highly perceptive and discerning, she knows more than she lets on. She sees beyond the shadows, without fear of the unknown.
Please note, this is a newly re-imagined Sombre Negra.Perfumer Notes: ??I launched a Limited Edition Sombre Negra exclusively with LuckyScent in 2010. That fragrance to me was dark and edgy. Very dense. I wanted to explore the idea of shadows and their mutations so I decided to create a new edition of Sombre Negra. The new M:001 Sombre Negra incorporates citrus top notes that reflect a flash of lightning – a spark of fire that quickly vanishes but casts new and elongated shadows. Rose, tonka and orris were added to give it some depth and fullness. Nutmeg and cumin give the fragrance a kind of vegetative musk and suede element to an otherwise smokey and leathery fragrance. It is still very masculine but Sombre Negra is also the ‘boyfriend fragrance’ that women are falling in love with and keeping for themselves.

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