Santal Complet Eau de Parfum

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Santal Complet Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Fragrance du Bois. The notes of this fragrance are Lemon, coconut, violet, black pepper, musk, sandalwood, amber, vanilla

Santal Complet Eau de Parfum
Santal Complet Eau de Parfum


Tantalizingly tropical yet softly sensual, Santal Complet is a gorgeous new sandalwood scent that proves that Fragrance du Bois can do far more than just oud scents. In fact, by emphasizing the smooth, creamy, indulgent side of sandalwood with coconut, musk and vanilla, Santal Complet is a world away from the house’s previous offerings, one that has us dreaming of white sand beaches and undisturbed crystal clear turquoise waters at the edge of the world.
Santal Complet opens with the aforementioned coconut note, one of the best we’ve ever smelled: the perfect balance between refreshing and creamy, with a zingy patina of fresh lemon and black pepper. As the beautiful, multifaceted sandalwood warms up, we find it’s the perfect companion for the coconut- gently sweet, creamy, and a blend of warm and cool tonalities that feel exactly like the afternoon sun hitting your still-wet-from-the-ocean-skin, with supporting notes of amber and vanilla supplementing without overwhelming. Plenty of scents promise vacation ambiance, but if you’re seeking a getaway of unparalleled luxury, Santal Complet is uniquely qualified to soothe your wanderlust.
Note: Santal Complet “Parfum” is an “Eau de Parfum” concentration, same original concentration as before. Parfum is only meant to be viewed a design reference on the label.

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Specification: Santal Complet Eau de Parfum


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