Pink Wood Eau de Parfum

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Pink Wood Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by April Aromatics. The notes of this fragrance are Rose otto, rose absolute, geranium, pink fruits, rosewood, sandalwood, agarwood, patchouli, cistus, labdanum, oak

Pink Wood Eau de Parfum
Pink Wood Eau de Parfum


Imagine the majestic web of roots beneath the ground’s surface – the entwining rhizomatic structure, flowing energy deep from the earth. Tanya Bochnig, the natural perfumer of April Aromatics, has created an ode to these roots with Pink Wood, a regal blend that taps the root extracts and botanicals from plants growing close to the earth.
Pink Wood unfurls dramatically with rose, the queen of flowers as Sappho called her, making her grand entrance in grand doses, in the form of rose absolute and rose otto. The rose feels warm and generous, honeyed around the edges with tart, sweet pink fruits and buttressed by a spiced bourbon-like oakwood. A dignified oud partners with the rose, but it’s never overwhelming – in fact, a beautifully aged patchouli and radiant sandalwood smooth out all the edges, as cistus and labdanum expand with earthy darkness. Above all else, this is a grounding scent, teaching us that the heart and roots are not so separate after all.

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