Norne Parfum Extrait

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Norne Parfum Extrait is a fragrance by Slumberhouse. The notes of this fragrance are Fog caked needle, lichen, fern, moss, hemlock, incense

Norne Parfum Extrait
Norne Parfum Extrait


Few locations on earth bridge the gap between the terrestrial and the supernatural like the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Dominated by towering old-growth trees, shrouded in fog and deciduous shadow, these forests represent the few remaining places where mankind’s dominion over the planet is far from absolute, and the wisdom of nature still supersedes the passing concerns of civilization. With Norne, Slumberhouse aims to capture the essence of this mystical place, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary.
One glance of the ominously beautiful bright-black liquid makes it clear that Norne is far from a typical natural fragrance, and with the first powerful blast of fresh, resinous fir, it’s confirmed. As the scent develops, other deeply complex woodland elements emerge: green moss, earthy fungus, fog, and a touch of slightly sweet incense that evokes images of a roaring campfire cutting through the damp air. While the clarity and strength of these notes is almost hard to believe, the explanation is simple: Norne is made with 100% forest absolutes, a complicated and costly process that avoids synthetics and essential oils in favor of natural, powerful ingredients. The result is a fragrance of unparalleled potency and depth, entirely suited to its subject. For lovers of the outdoors, fragrance enthusiasts in search of the truly unique, or anyone with a love for the ethereal, Norne is not to be missed.

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