New Sibet Extrait de Parfum

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New Sibet Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Slumberhouse. The notes of this fragrance are Carnation, mint, ash, leather, iris, cistus, fur accord, moss

New Sibet Extrait de Parfum
New Sibet Extrait de Parfum


Slumberhouse has built their mythic reputation on unpredictability; Josh Lobb’s scents are unencumbered by the restrictions of the fragrance intelligentsia. So while the name and notes list of New Sibet might indicate a pungently animalic bomb of a scent, don’t jump to conclusions. Spray it on your skin and allow yourself to get lost wandering the root-lined hallways of an ancient library long since overtaken by nature; smell the hazy glow of leather-bound tomes written in long-dead languages, the dust dancing in the sunlight that peeks through the vine-choked windows. The animalic notes are here as promised, but rather than growling with vitality, they hum with mature contentment, rich and understated, curled on the soft moss that coats the ground. No, New Sibet doesn’t have the dazzling primary colors or rich syrupiness that’s characterized so many of the past releases. Instead, in its evocative ability to weave a tale steeped in imagination and sumptuous fantasy, it is undeniably a Slumberhouse.

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Specification: New Sibet Extrait de Parfum


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