Mousse II Eau de Parfum

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Mousse II Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Oliver & Co.. The notes of this fragrance are Sandalwood Mysore, clove bud Madagascar, lavender absolute, lime peel from Mexico, mint, aldehydes, cardamom Guatemala, musk, ambergris, muguet.

Mousse II Eau de Parfum
Mousse II Eau de Parfum


Oliver & Co.’s handcrafted fragrances are an intensely personal labor of love; created drop by drop to ensure that the end result is as spontaneous as it is satisfying. And while any other perfumer might be justifiably wary of tinkering with the unexpected balance of warm spice and cool musk that makes up the original MOUSSE, Oliver Valverde is not any other perfumer. The result is MOUSSE II, a thrilling reinvention that plays like a virtuosic take on a jazz standard, adding invigorating new depth to a familiar favorite.
Like its predecessor, MOUSSE II opens with the spicy warmth of clove against a strong backbone of sandalwood and oak moss. But while the original took its time to slowly develop its cool aldehyde and musk counterbalance, MOUSSE II ups the ante with a powerful blast of mint that immediately ties spicy and fresh together. As the fragrance dries on the skin, notes of lily of the valley and Mexican lime weave together for a rich, bright green that blends vitality and lightness with the ever present warmth of clove without a hint of contradiction. Many fragrances claim to offer perfect balance, but very few manage to pull it off with such creative panache. With MOUSSE II, Oliver & Co. stands alone.
This perfume is a re-envisioning of the original Mousse eau de toilette that was originally released in 2011.

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