Jasmin Angelique Cologne Absolue

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Jasmin Angelique Cologne Absolue is a fragrance by Atelier Cologne. The notes of this fragrance are Lemon, Sichuan pepper, angelique, jasmine, galbanum, fig, incense, white amber, tonka bean

Jasmin Angelique Cologne Absolue
Jasmin Angelique Cologne Absolue


When most fragrance houses announce a jasmine scent, it doesn’t necessarily move the needle, but as a house dedicated solely to cologne-style compositions, the notably indolic, sensual white flower might seem a bit more challenging. Luckily for us, Jerome Epinette and Atelier Cologne have done it again- Jasmin Angélique is a stunning, crisply complex cologne absolue that balances layers of herbaceous green notes against a lovely, lilting jasmine accord that feels natural, fresh and warmly comforting.
Jasmin Angélique opens with a crisp, spicy burst of Sicilian lemon, set against a fiery, energetic kick of Sichaun pepper that’s quickly balanced by a floral yet fresh jasmine, resinous galbanum, and a lovely green fig note, which together give the impression of breathing deeply while walking through a meadow on a warm spring afternoon. This wondrous sensation lingers for hours, until slowly warming into the smooth, warm and light amber drydown. Vivid, green and aromatic, Jasmin Angélique is wholly unlike any jasmine fragrance we’ve tried before- and that’s precisely what we love about it.

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Specification: Jasmin Angelique Cologne Absolue


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