Hedonist Iris Eau de Parfum

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Hedonist Iris Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Viktoria Minya. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, pink pepper, blackcurrant, iris, cedarwood, cocoa, labdanum, musk

Hedonist Iris Eau de Parfum
Hedonist Iris Eau de Parfum


Viktoria Minya’s Hedonist Iris is a perfect balance of the chic and the sensual. An elegant iris heart is warmed with cocoa, blackcurrant, labdanum, and musk. The effect is a graceful drydown, as the cool cloud of the iris petals settle into the warmth of labdanum and cocoa. Creamy, comforting and addictive (like an expensive French-milled soap), this is a must try for any iris lover.
Iris being the most expensive raw material of all, I knew I did not need to search further when searching for inspiration for the new Hedonists. I concentrated on the flower’s delicate scent instead of the root, which is what most perfumers do. Hence the scent is powdery but much more refined, and it reflects better the majesty of Iris. Timeless elegance is what I felt being expressed whenever I worked on each trial, and often times I get feedback that it just smells like The Woman. The indulging note here is cocoa, but I didn’t want it to be overwhelming, so it stays delicately in the background. Labdanum gives a certain depth to the fragrance, which I found particularly interesting, while the composition stays sheer and chic.” ? Viktoria Minya
Hedonist Iris is presented within a beautifully crafted bottle filled with hundreds of genuine bohemian crystals that sparkle brilliantly in the divine liquid and the bottle itself is enclosed within a handmade wooden box fashioned to capture the sleek look and feel of snakeskin leather.
A Luckyscent exclusive!

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