Frangipani Eau de Parfum

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Frangipani Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Ormonde Jayne. The notes of this fragrance are Linden blossom, magnolia, lime, frangipani, rose, tuberose, water lily, plum, amber, musk, cedar, vanilla

Frangipani Eau de Parfum
Frangipani Eau de Parfum


Frangipani is testament to Linda Pilkington’s exquisite taste, because instead of the cream-sodden tropicalia you might be expecting based on the name, Frangipani filters the brightly gaudy flower through a very European sensibility. In other words, no sun umbrellas or leis here. The scent itself opens with a bright squeeze of lime, before quickly sliding into a very true-to-life linden blossom, whose aroma of honey, creamed rice, and green powder forms a logical bridge to the central character of the show – the frangipani.
The frangipani note here is so wonderful that it’s been allowed to shine unfettered by too many other notes. The flower itself has a gently milky, nutty tiaré-like scent that later tips over into the full-fat, salted butter of tuberose. But in its first blush, the frangipani displays a rosy peach facet that moistens the heart and gives it a gentle fruitiness. When the frangipani melts into the magnolia, plum, and orchid notes, it forms a blurred, chocolatey floralcy that feels as soft and inviting as the fuzz on a baby’s cheek. A resinous, woody base keep the creaminess of the florals in check, ensuring that while Frangipani retains its balmy and exotic character, it never crosses the line into loudness. A beautiful scent for those who want to dip a tentative toe into tropical waters.

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