Clandestine Clara Eau de Parfum

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Clandestine Clara Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Penhaligons. The notes of this fragrance are Rhum vanilla, cinnamon musk, amber, patchouli

Clandestine Clara Eau de Parfum
Clandestine Clara Eau de Parfum


Rebellious, contradictory, independent, unconventional- these are the words Penhaligon’s uses to describe Clara, the latest character in their Portraits saga- the illicit mistress to Lord George. And true to form, Clara’s fragrance could be described much the same way, as a boozy, smoky, smoothly woodsy feminine scent that’s not for the faint of heart, but is sure to command the attention of sophisticated thrill-seekers. Spicy and sweet in equal measure, Clandestine Clara layered rich, smooth rhum vanilla over musky cinnamon, creating a true gourmand that nonetheless never feels simple, dessert-y or girlish- due, perhaps, to the complex ambered patchouli in the base. Is Clandestine Clara a challenging fragrance? We’d have to say so- but as Lord George can confirm, it’s a challenge bound to seduce.

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Specification: Clandestine Clara Eau de Parfum


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