Cap d’Antibes Eau de Parfum

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Cap d’Antibes Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Eight and Bob. The notes of this fragrance are mint, violet leaf, birch, cinnamon, moss, green notes, cedar, incense and vanilla.

Cap d’Antibes Eau de Parfum
Cap d’Antibes Eau de Parfum


Sailing in the picturesque waters of the Grande Bleue, taking in a golden sunset from the gardens of the Eden Roc, enjoying a cocktail in the refined company of European aristocracy: summer on the French Riviera in the 1930s was the kind of glamorous existence that simply has no equal in contemporary society. For Albert Fouquet, it was the very pinnacle of life, one he was inspired to capture in a fragrance that might help chase away the doldrums of the cold Parisian winter. The resulting fragrance was Cap D’Antibes, an enveloping, sophisticated fougère that was exclusive to Fouquet’s private collection- until now.
Cap D’Antibes immediately whisks you to the sun-kissed cobblestones of the south of France with a bright, sparkling opening of sweet violet, cool mint, and lightly resinous birch. The heart of the fragrance further invigorates, with cinnamon, moss, and a regional aromatic accord evoke fresh evening breezes and elegant cocktail parties. In the drydown, warm incense and delicate cedar intertwine with a perfect touch of relaxing vanilla. We may never see a time and place that can quite equal the glamour of Albert Fouquet’s beloved Antibes. Luckily, he left us a perfect way to pay it a visit, wherever we may be.

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