Bruma Eau de Parfum

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Bruma Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Cire Trudon. The notes of this fragrance are black pepper, lavender, galbanum, violets, peony, iris, jasmine, labdanum, vetiver, tonka bean

Bruma Eau de Parfum
Bruma Eau de Parfum


Bruma means?solstice?? in Latin, which brings to mind something one might wear to a pagan ritual or to howl at the moon. But the word ??Bruma’ is also close to the French word brume for mist, and we think that this word fits the scent better. It begins with a gentle misting of iris, violets, and peony, all swirled together into a creamy, fluffy cosmetics accord that’s part lokhoum, part lipstick.
A rooty iris stands at the center, quietly gathering itself up into a soft leather, aided by black pepper, which accentuates the naturally rubbery facets of peony. Thanks to a touch of lavender and galbanum, the suede or leather accord grows ashier, greener, and drier, the ghost of Tuscan Leather flickering at the edges. It is only after a while that one begins to notice the delicious creaminess of the base coming forward: damp jasmine petals pressed into spicy, milky tonka bean and the saltwater taffy of labdanum. All the while, Bruma retains a delightfully gauzy texture, which makes it an easy wear, even in hot weather. The lingering impression is of a fruity violet suede accord over dry ash, resin, and finally, the nutty, baked hay smell of tonka and vetiver. It is not the striding Valkyrie implied by the name; but for days when you want to smell just plain amazing rather than fierce, Bruma is the perfect choice.

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Specification: Bruma Eau de Parfum


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