Arabian Horse Eau de Parfum

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Arabian Horse Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume Paris, Parfumerie Generale. The notes of this fragrance are Green notes, wildflowers, narcissus, musk, cypriol, woods, amber

Arabian Horse Eau de Parfum
Arabian Horse Eau de Parfum


Picture yourself astride a majestic purebred stallion, galloping through a dewey morning in the untouched countryside of the English moor. Imagine the feeling of unbridled exhilaration, the speed of the wind that whips across your body, the visceral impact of hooves against the damp green earth, the smell of wildflowers mixed with the animalic heft of the horse’s mane, the heat that radiates from its body. This is the scene so masterfully painted by Arabian Horse, a fragrance of such evocative power that it literally took our breath away.
The key to Arabian Horse’s extraordinary impact is the incredible amount of precious materials used, a new record in complexity and expense for Parfumerie Generale. Narcissus absolute sings with powerful, heady floral character, while highest-quality labdanum absolute and cypriol coeur inflect the base notes with deep, perfectly balanced oriental hues. But the beating heart of the scent is a stirringly animalic ballet of musks, leather and a “horse’s mane” accord of compelling realism. It’s a gorgeous, gigantic fragrance, but so balanced and specific that it never overwhelms- it merely thrills. Lovers of complex leathers, fierce animalics, or simply those who appreciate artistry unencumbered by commercial consideration- don’t miss this olfactive masterwork from Pierre Guillaume.

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