Almost Transparent Blue Eau de Toilette

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Almost Transparent Blue Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by A Lab on Fire. The notes of this fragrance are Lime, yuzu, thyme flower, aldehyde, hinoki, cedar wood, musk

Almost Transparent Blue Eau de Toilette
Almost Transparent Blue Eau de Toilette


Almost Transparent Blue takes the classic elements of cologne and tweaks them to create a futuristic urban citrus, with hints of pavement and ink. The yuzu and lime in the opening are beautifully crystalline and sharply realistic, and the citrus stays crisp and sparkling as the scent evolves. A brisk, hyper-real soap note emerges, with subtle hints of something industrial underneath. This has the stark feel of an abandoned city ? a landscape carved in glass and steel, spare and stripped clean and angular, with empty monorail tracks slicing through the sky. The chilly aldehydes are countered by warm cedar and the dry and clarifying scent of hinoki, the prized cypress that grows only in Japan. Hinoki wood is used to make the finest soaking baths and it has a distinctive, incense-like scent ? airy, but haunting. Our first impression of this was cool, clean and simple, but as we spend more time with it, we would strike the word simple. This ultramodern blend of citrus and wood has just enough strangeness to make it utterly compelling.

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Specification: Almost Transparent Blue Eau de Toilette


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