Alien Flora Futura Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

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Alien Flora Futura Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler is a 2018 Oriental Woody Cologne by Thierry Mugler for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion Jean-christophe Herault . Top notes are Lemon. Middle notes are Wood. Base notes are Amber, Sandalwood.

Alien Flora Futura Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler
Alien Flora Futura Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler


Mugler signs a new feminine fragrance: Alien Flora Futura

It took some daring to create a worthy successor for him… It was done, 13 years later, in 2005. It was on this date that Thierry Mugler introduced us to Alien, a sort of modern and radiant divinity presented in a vial similar to an amethyst. The success was there and Alien remains to this day one of the most beautiful references of Thierry Mugler. Today, the creator has therefore decided to give us a new face of this solar goddess. Prepare to welcome Alien Flora Futura.

Alien Flora Futura, the scent of a divine flower

Thierry Mugler presents his new perfume to us as “a ray of light and optimism which frees the world from darkness”. He also says that he is an “imaginary divine flower that blossoms in the heart of the desert to unveil a new Alien Eau de Toilette“. These images are beautiful and poetic and give us the promise of an exceptional perfume, but what is it really? Alien Flora Futura opens with the scent of a mysterious ingredient: Buddha wood. This immediately gives it a mystical and divine side. This powerful ingredient combines with the freshness of a more airy and invigorating lemon. Then, Alien Flora Futura evolves into a floral heart containing a plant that only reveals its scent once night has fallen: the Queen of the Night. Alien Flora Futura ends with a more syrupy and enveloping base of white amber and sandalwood. The result is a sun-kissed juice bursting with sweetness.

Alien Flora Futura, an optimistic ray of light by Mugler

Even more than its predecessors, Alien Flora Futura by Thierry Mugler gives us a solar vision of women. The one who wears this perfume is like a modern divinity who shines and imposes herself by her benevolence. Alien Flora Futura is simply bursting with sparkle. He seems to have captured the radiation of gold to flood the earth with vibrant energy. Alien Flora Futura is a kind of royal and sacred stone containing an undeniable wisdom and a beneficent energy. Its magnetic aura is quite simply communicative and Alien Flora Futura thus delivers us an intense emotion.

The Alien Flora Futura jewelry bottle

There was therefore only one bottle missing to magnify this exceptional juice. Of course, Alien Flora Futura takes again the very neat silhouette of its elder. Its precious bottle is inspired by the sculptural shape of an amethyst. However, its old plum color has now disappeared in favor of a more feminine, tender and poetic powder pink. To protect his aura, four golden claws nevertheless enclose Alien Flora Futura. This gives it a particularly refined side. Finally, the name of this perfume is written on its back. It is engraved twice vertically, forming a sort of handwritten formula to be deciphered immediately.

Thierry Mugler perfumes have always known how to seduce us with their original and unpublished compositions breaking all the usual codes of perfumery. After composing the first gourmet perfume in history with Angel, Mugler repeated the surprise by offering us a luminous and exotic fragrance with multifaceted power, Alien. Composed by Dominique Ropion, the beautiful scented goddess of light will go to discover other skies as and when the variations. In 2018, she will play a little more of her contrasts between shadows and lights to draw us an Alien Flora Futura fresher and bewitching than ever.

Alien Flora Futura, the fresh and woody revelation of a rare flower by Dominique Ropion and Jean-Christophe Hérault

As Olivier Cresp would have done in his time for Angel, Dominique Ropion was able to offer in his composition of Alien a new universe and so original which befits so well that of the creations of Thierry Mugler. Radiant and luminous, Alien brings to the woman Thierry Mugler a sensuality and flowery opulence which knows how to melt into mysterious and deep woody notes, even close to the magic.

Inspired by its multiple facets, its “Revelations” as Thierry Mugler calls them, Dominique Ropion has created from the beauty of Alien accords of magnificent other bottles, including the bestseller Alien Eau Extraordinaire.

The master of balance between scents olfactives was accompanied for the creation of the new opus of the goddess of Mugler, Alien Flora Futura, by a perfumer of unlimited artistic genius, Jean-Christophe Hérault. A perfumer who also composed the fabulous Les Exceptions collection for Thierry Mugler, feeling very attracted by the magical and dreamlike world of the couturier.

Thus between the two perfumers the creative and olfactory alchemy was obvious and the fresh and spring Alien Flora Futura is born from this beautiful union of nose…

Between flowers, acidulous notes and creamy wood, Alien Flora Futura becomes woody velvet

Jean- Christophe Hérault said with regard to the creation of the Les Exceptions collection of bottles: “As an olfactory interpreter, my first approach was to put myself in Thierry Mugler’s state of mind. To go and draw from his style and be inspired by his world. “. It goes without saying that alongside Dominique Ropion his artistic approach for the creation of alien Flora Futura was more or less the same.

Alien Flora Futura is very close to the Alien composed by Dominique Ropion in his contrasts and in its amber and woody signature but goes further than the previous bottles with regard to the contrasted freshness between flowers and lemony scents of the heart notes.

Indeed the citrus notes of Alien are magnified by the citrus tone even more dynamic than at the origin thanks to the original notes of citron and lemons of the Hand of Buddha. In the heart, the solar and opulent jasmine remains but is refreshed by the lemony scents so rare in perfumery of the night beauty. Finally, white amber and sandalwood always form this protective and luminous halo of which only Alien has the secret.

“Embodying the goddess of flowers, Alien Flora Futura is part of a mysterious universe where hope flourishes. “Thierry Mugler for Alien Flora Futura.

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