The new Lutens fragrance: Participe Pasté

The new Lutens fragrance: Participe Pasté
The new Lutens fragrance: Participe Pasté

Le Participe Pasté, Serge Lutens’ new oriental journey

Serge Lutens is a perfume designer who is far from fashions and trends. He does as he pleases and arouses the fascination of admirers of noble and rare fragrances. Serge Lutens never stops talking about him. Although it is generally very mysterious about its recipes, it most of the time accompanies its perfumes with an enigmatic situation to say the least. Today, its assortment of fragrances is enriched by a newcomer . Serge Lutens’ latest creation is called Le Participe Passé.

Serge Lutens, a character always very creative

Serge Lutens is an atypical and almost indefinable creator. A tireless traveler and avid reader, he draws his inspiration from an infinity of different sources. A man from the North in love with the South, he makes perfumes that are always very ambiguous, in his image. Its juices are neither traditional nor totally revolutionary. They are quite simply unique, always made from carefully selected noble materials. Serge Lutens perfumery is aimed at lovers of beautiful things. Serge Lutens is quite simply a man with an offbeat vision of the world who fully reveals himself through a blend of unique fragrances. A genius visionary, he metamorphoses French perfumery in each of his compositions and Le Participe Passé is therefore no exception to the rule.

A look back at Serge Lutens’ past

Serge Lutens very often goes back to his childhood memories to make his fragrances. The Past Participle is a perfect testimony to this and it appears from the vision of his name. If Serge Lutens was born in Lille, he spent his earliest childhood in Morocco. Separated very early from his mother, he relates as best he can to the comforting images of his young age, which explains his deep attachment to the eastern land. Serge Lutens therefore very often uses materials that are emblematic of this region of the globe. The result is compositions always charged with exoticism, both warm and sulphurous.

The Past Participle, an androgynous and resinous juice

Le Participe Passé is a fragrance that is totally different from Serge Lutens’ previous juices, but which nevertheless retains their exceptional quality in common with them. As always, it is delivered in a rectangular bottle, crossed on its front face with a black label bearing its name, and allowing us to glimpse its amber color through its transparent walls. Serge Lutens’ Participe Pasté immediately gives off a warm feeling. It comes with a standard black cap and a spray tip for easy application. Inside, Le Participe Passé has an androgynous scent, appealing to both men and women. Its scent revolves around Egyptian balms and resin. Fruity notes also complete the whole and give it a more delicious and juicy character. So,

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