Jean Patou – Heritage Collection Holidays

Holidays Eau de Parfum Heritage Collection by Jean Patou
Holidays Eau de Parfum Heritage Collection by Jean Patou

Discover a concentrate of happiness, holidays, and escape from the legendary collection of Jean Patou perfumes …

Heritage Collection Vacation

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Inspiration – Vacation Heritage Collection

A tribute to the date of the first paid holidays, it illustrates the charm of holidays in the great outdoors, in gardens of mimosas, rose, jasmine and lilac. In 1936 the Popular Front introduced paid holidays, thousands of French people taste the joy of vacationing, the happiness of finding their loved ones, of escaping. The freedom and the feast of the granting of paid leave which was celebrated in style all over France by many, including Jean Patou.

Fragrance – Vacation Heritage Collection

A powdery floral fragrance, it is composed of a fresh accord where delicate flowers mingle.

Bottle – Vacation Heritage Collection

Contemporary bottle powerfully inspires in the archives of Jean Patou. Clean, simple and timeless, it reflects the luxury and elegance of the Heritage Collection. The Jean Patou logo is engraved on the reverse of the bottle while the name of the perfume is subtly described on the front of the bottle. The stopper is made of black wood with the emblematic initials of JP. Jean Patou’s seals are engraved inside the bottle. The case is black, the color of luxury and sobriety. You will find inside this case an information booklet containing detailed notes on the perfume.

Olfactory Family: Floral – Chypré – Powdery

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