The Yves Saint Laurent manifesto

The Yves Saint Laurent manifesto
The Yves Saint Laurent manifesto

As its name suggests, Manifesto is a true manifesto of femininity according to Yves Saint-Laurent. He imagines women as being daring, contradictory and disproportionate. With him, life passes with passion. Excess is a quality and only enhances style and beauty.

The philosophy of Yves Saint-Laurent

By creating the Manifesto perfume, Yves Saint-Laurent wanted to go well beyond the simple olfactory creation. It portrays to us a true philosophy of life . It is aimed at all women and encourages them to live with passion. Indeed, for the designer, being a woman today is a subtle blend of daring, freedom and seduction. It is therefore necessary to gauge the right dose of this complex attitude in order to become all the more irresistible. Also, Manifesto is a juice to this image, revealing the multiple facets of women. It is a fragrance that is both daring and intuitive, making the wearer a heroine of incomparable style and beauty.

Femininity according to Manifesto

Manifesto is a juice built around the jasmine flower. Thus, it is both luminous and regressive. What is more, the latter is associated with the lightness of lily of the valley. The whole is also embellished with green notes as well as blackcurrant buds. Likewise, Manifesto has a smoother base combining sandalwood, vanilla, cedarwood and tonka bean. It is then contained in a premium shaped vial. This perfectly captures the light as if to better transmit the energy of the sun to us. The whole is surrounded by an amethyst-colored jewel, a shade very present at Yves Saint-Laurent and synonymous for the creator of absolute seduction. Finally, the whole is surmounted by a golden cabochon, chiseled like a diamond.

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