Eau des Jardins de Clarins finally available in an Exquisite Shower gel

Eau des Jardins de Clarins finally available as a shower gel
Eau des Jardins de Clarins finally available as a shower gel

When the famous Eau des Jardins de Clarins becomes an exquisite shower gel

Clarins currently offers a very large collection of products. However, some of them are world famous and are the bestsellers of the brand. This is the case, for example, with its Care Waters. Initially, Clarins developed Eau Dynamisante, a kind of hybrid product between perfume and skincare. Then, building on the success of this product and its knowledge in terms of aromatherapy, Clarins then made L’Eau Ressourçante, l’Eau Ensoleillante and Eau des Jardins. It is therefore precisely this last version that interests us here. Today, its formula is transformed and offers us its spring scent in a shower gel.

Eau des Jardins, an invigorating delight

Eau des Jardins is a product with a fresh and liquid texture, which is intended for all skin types. Its airy and sparkling scent takes us to the heart of a spring garden that one would believe still watered by the morning mist while being heated by the rays of the sun. This concentrate of delights displays an exceptional harmony between the zest of citrus fruits, the playfulness of the rose and a more woody and reassuring base. The result is the image of an enchanting garden, infinitely scented and endowed with healing virtues. Indeed, Eau des Jardins does not have the sole ambition of perfuming your skin. Its multiple plants and essential oil extracts are full of virtues. Eau des Jardins de Clarins is an aromatherapy and phytotherapy product. This body treatment contains extract of beech buds, rowan and blackcurrant. Together, all of these elements hydrate and soothe the body. Also note that the Eau des Jardins de Clarins is a non-photosensitizing product, unlike the classic perfume. In this sense, it is very popular during the summer season.

What about Eau des Jardins Shower Exquisite?

L’Eau des Jardins Exquisite Showeronly appeared more recently. It is a shower gel whose scent is unmistakably reminiscent of Clarins’ water treatment. Again, this product can be used on all skin types, to cleanse, perfume and invigorate your body. This shower gel is a concentrate of freshness, both feminine and sparkling. Thus, it is a bit as if your bathroom is transformed into an enchanting garden. What is more, in addition to its fragrant qualities, Eau des Jardins Shower Exquisite also contains many virtues for the skin. It leaves a veil of smoothness that gently cleanses the body. The Eau des Jardins Exquisite Shower by Clarins maintains the hydration of the epidermis and leaves the body perfectly fresh and softer. Aloe vera has been incorporated into its composition to soften and comfort the epidermis. L’Eau des Jardins Shower Exquisite is used as a classic shower gel, on wet skin. Dermatologically tested, it is very suitable for daily use, whatever your skin type.

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