Clarins new SOS Primer for yellow complexions

SOS Primers Violet to illuminate yellow skin
SOS Primers Violet to illuminate yellow skin

Clarins SOS Primer Lavender treatment to fight against a pale complexion

Because many imperfections often appear on the skin, complexion correctors have become essential in the makeup department. These are small tubes containing a fluid and colorful texture, particularly concentrated. Each color then has its specificity and neutralizes a particular type of imperfection. For example, green tends to eliminate the color red, so it adapts very well on skin that suffers from small pimples. Here, the SOS Primer Violet Treatment is aimed more at all people who tend to have a yellow complexion, and who would like to make it more pure and uniform.

SOS Lavender Primer to even out yellow skin

Clarins SOS Primer Violet has a lilac color. It is a shade widely used in the Asian cosmetics department. Indeed, purple tends to perfect yellow skin. It makes them less waxy and brightens them. The SOS Primer Lavender Care acts precisely in this way and gives an incomparable radiance to the face. It erases all the small yellow pigmentations, and replaces them with a luminous and radiant halo. Immediately, the face becomes less dull and fresher.

The SOS Primer Care unifies yellow complexions, a product packed with all the expertise of Clarins

Also note that Clarins has integrated several treatments into the SOS Primer Lavender formula. Thus, it is a very moisturizing product, whose fluid texture brings instant and lasting comfort to the skin. Clarins SOS Primer Lavender Care soothes sensitive skins and also protects them from pollution. It forms a kind of protective film to protect the face from the harmful effects of our environment. At the same time, it is nevertheless a very breathable product.

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