CK One Summer 2016, the new limited edition of Calvin Klein

CK One Summer 2016, the new limited edition of Calvin Klein
CK One Summer 2016, the new limited edition of Calvin Klein

Today, perfume brands are constantly competing for ingenuity and creativity in order to satisfy their audience and stand out from the competition. Thus, many species are born each year. Among these, a real fashion phenomenon has emerged. Indeed, the best-sellers of perfumery are very often revisited during the summer season. Their fragrance is not necessarily changed. On the other hand, their packaging is often brought up to date and adopts a very euphoric look. Well, know that the new CK One Summer 2016 has already been unveiled.

The exotic scent of the new CK One Summer 2016

Calvin Klein’s CK One perfumeappeared in 1995. It ranks today as one of the brand’s references. Indeed, it truly marked a whole generation in the 90s. This unisex perfume then cultivated an image of sharing, open-mindedness and honesty. He was the symbol of a new experience and embodied anti-conformism par excellence. Also, it rained immediately and success was very quickly achieved. Its adaptation of 2016, meanwhile, makes you want to vacation. Indeed, its scent is particularly exotic and would almost plunge us into the heart of the Amazon rainforest on a hot summer day. The top notes of the new CK One Summer 2016 are particularly invigorating. They are full of citrus notes, among which lemon predominates. Furthermore, lime is coupled with a scent synonymous with celebration: that of mojito. Its heart, meanwhile, is particularly fruity. It is especially full of the sunny aspect of guava. Finally, this olfactory path coming from distant lands ends with a deeper and woody scent. In this case, it is mainly that of cedar.

Revisiting the famous Calvin Klein bottle

When it appeared in 1995, the CK One perfume was presented in a kind of flat gourd. This was imagined entirely in glass and was reminiscent of the shape of a typical Jamaican rum flask. Her figure was both sober and slim, not allowing her to be categorized as a feminine or masculine look. Its sandblasted glass, meanwhile, gave it a very delicate touch. Its cabochon reminded us of the shape of a simple water bottle stopper. It was simply a metallic gray screw cap. This was then replaceable by a vaporizer. Also, the new CK One Summer 2016 adopts this same design. However, like each of the limited editions of the house of Calvin Klein, he opts for much brighter colors. This time, her look is embellished with bright green palm leaves. The latter are however contrasted by a more intense blue being located in the background as well as at the level of its cabochon. The rendering is particularly exotic, similar to a deep jungle.

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