Chanel and its new Fresh Water Milk

Chanel and its new Fresh Water Milk
Chanel and its new Fresh Water Milk

Get rid of pollution from your skin with Lait Fraicheur d’Eau from Chanel

Our society has evolved considerably over the past decades. As a result, more and more women are living in an urban environment. However, pollution has disastrous consequences on our skin. It causes skin dryness, dehydration, irritation, dullness of the skin and premature aging of the face. To help you fight against these inevitable effects, Chanel has made Lait Fraicheur d’Eau, a new generation cleanser that nothing can resist!

The antipollution active ingredients contained in Chanel Fresh Water Milk

First of all, let’s start by detailing the composition of Chanel’s Lait Fraicheur d’Eau: this new generation product contains two main natural active ingredients that help your skin fight against atmospheric pollution. Micro blue algae protects your face from oxidative stress generated by pollutants. Salicornia extract, on the other hand, provides continuous hydration to your skin and helps it grow stronger. Combined together, these two agents make real feats and preserve your skin beauty for as long as possible!

The unique texture of Lait Fraicheur d’Eau from Chanel

In addition to the richness of its composition, Lait Fraicheur d’Eau will seduce you with its unique texture. Milky in appearance, it turns into a cool fluid on contact with the skin. Therefore, it is like water and gives your face a unique sensation of liveliness. Chanel Lait Fraicheur d’Eau is therefore the ideal product for all those who cannot choose between cleansing milk and micellar water. It is used on dry skin and is applied with small circular movements. It is then withdrawn using a cotton pad.

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